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Установка кулера с термостатом

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Я писал для американсокого форума, поэтому все понятно, хоть и на английском)

1. Set:
Hayden OC-1405 transmission cooler kit
MOCAL oil thermostat 3/8'' Push on 80C
ATF hose 1m
Clamps (x8)

2. Preparing:
-Drain coolant
-Remove upper radiator hose
-Unplug fans, remove right radiator fan
-Remove from radiator both ATF hoses (dont care about little amount of ATF)
-Remove lower radiator hose
-Remove radiator with left fan then remove fan

3. Installation:
-Install cooler to radiator (use 4 thermo spacers and 4 strainers, included in cooler kit)
-Install cooler hoses (i`ve cut 50/50 1m hose)
-Check how it all together fits to the radiator panel
-Pick up thermostat and measure hoses length, paint cut lines
-If ok, remove this sandwich again, tighten up strainers, cut tails of strainers, put both fans to the radiator and check how they spin - they must dont touch strainers, cut hoses

After that, install thermostat (dont forget to install clamps - 4 pieces at this stage). I used 1st fitting variant in instruction.

Then bolt up all fans, install radiator, install upper and lower hoses, fix all, plug fans.
Jack left side
Install inlet stock ATF hose (left if watching towards in front of engine) to the radiator, better install new clamp.
Remove outlet stock ATF hose
Measure, cut and install 2 hoses (dont forget to install last clamps):
-from radiator to thermostat
-from thermostat to transmission
Install rubber between cooler hoses and radiator, if hoses touch it (the best way - cut 2sm of hose, slit it and embrace of hose in place where it touch radiator)

4. Finally:
-Refill coolant
-Run engine, check ATF leaks, touch 2 hoses (cooler-thermostat lines) - they must be cold, touch 2 hoses (radiator-thermostat, thermostat-transmission) - they must be hot
-Drive several miles till ATF become hot, check cooler-thermostat hoses - they must be hot - it means that thermostat and system in general works.
-Refill ATF

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